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Shrinking the Backup Window

Recently, one of our clients came to us with a problem with their backup solution. They had a 1.6 Terabyte database that was taking 20+ hours to backup and compress using the standard Microsoft SQL Server backup utility and gzip. In addition, they had several other databases in the 200 to 800 Gigabyte range that also needed to be backed up and compressed. The issue is obvious: There was not enough hours in the day to complete the process.

Our Solution:

InnerTek researched third party tools and optimization procedures to create a solution for clients with large datasets. First, we started with a high performance backup tool which accelerates the backup and also utilizes in-line compression during the backup process. Then we focused on optimizing the existing SAN architecture to minimize contention for the hard disks during the procedure.

The Result:

Our client can now backup the 1.6 Terabyte database to a compressed format in less than 8 hours and the 200 to 800 Gigabyte databases in less than 1 to 3 hours each. This process has allowed the client to shrink the backup window to be performed overnight; something they never thought possible before.

InnerTek also recommended further enhancements to the SAN architecture and servers which will shrink the backup window further if these databases continue to grow and the backup process can't complete in time.

If you would like InnerTek to help you shrink your backup window, please contact sales at sales@innertek.com by email or call us at 203-374-1223.

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