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Keeping the Web Running - One Site at a Time

The wonderful World Wide Web: A place where we all go to get our information. In fact, there is nothing worse than when a web site is down when we need that information! In business, you may not be the one looking for information; you are the one serving it. In these situations, you can not afford down time when your clients are seeking your service or your service relies on the web for distribution. This was exactly the situation presented to InnerTek when one of our clients decided to make their web applications as available as possible within a reasonable budget.

The Specifics:

Our client has several web based, mod-perl applications running on Apache and utilizing a MySQL database for data storage. Their current web site was being hosted locally and outages were not uncommon.

Our Solution:

InnerTek recommended a three tiered model: development would continue on the existing in-house server and the web site would be hosted at two colocation sites in disparate locations with one site acting as the primary server and one as the slave. Through a series of custom scripts created by InnerTek and the use of MySQL replication, the development server deploys data, at the customers request, to the primary server which, in turn, keeps the backup server up to date. In the event of failure, our scripts will automatically set the secondary server as the primary. This process is entirely automated -- including all appropriate DNS updates. The failback procedure, while fully automated, is launched at the customers discretion at his desired date and time.

The Result:

Our client can now sleep at night and go on vacation without having to worry if his server is down. In the event of a failure, his clients are unaware and remain happy. This is all possible with an entirely automated system created by InnerTek.

If you would like InnerTek to help you create a highly available web platform, please contact sales at sales@innertek.com by email or call us at 203-374-1223.

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