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Security Software:
InnerTek Software has served the Linux and security community for the past 6 years and has created the leading commercial configuration and redundancy suite for Linux firewalls. Our fBuilder product line brings the features of Linux firewalls to your web browser without the learning curve typically associated with using these powerful tools. fCluster, our firewall redundancy application, provides the fault tolerance you need to protect your mission critical applications. With Linux, fBuilder, and fCluster, you can create a robust firewall for your network at a fraction of the price of most commercial offerings! InnerTek provides optional installation and configuration services for your Linux firewall solution so you can feel secure about your security decision.

Custom Programming:
InnerTek Software also provides custom programming that suits your individual needs and puts you at a competitve advantage in your marketplace. Often, people can not find a packaged solution that fits all of thier needs and will turn to a custom application to find the options they want, in the format they want, integrated with the systems they have. We realize that providing new options to your customers and increasing the productivity of your employees are two factors that have a direct impact on your bottom line. Contact sales today to find out how InnerTek can help you start your custom software project.

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