InnerTek Software is a full service Information Technlogy consulting firm located in Bridgeport, CT. With InnerTek’s extensive network consulting and security experience coupled with our ability to provide custom software, we can answer your company’s toughest problems and increase your bottom line.


InnerTek Software is a full service Information Technology consulting and custom programming group based in Bridgeport, CT. Since April of 2000, InnerTek has helped over 18,500 clients with their technology needs. The power of custom solutions, extensive network experience, and unparalleled support places InnerTek in a league of it’s own. InnerTek strives to increase the productivity of our clients and it is our goal to recognize and provide solutions that make solid business sense to their organizations. We believe that technology should enhance a company’s bottom line, not subtract from it.

Today, companies are faced with many technological obstacles. To understand which direction to go leaves many frustrated and confused. InnerTek can guide you through these choices by understanding your needs, assessing your goals, and implementing scalable solutions that take your organization where it wants to go. Utilizing existing technology or developing custom solutions that fit your needs can provide this for you.

InnerTek can support your computers and network infrastructure, provide a web based front end to internal systems for your customers or staff, create a fully functional intranet or web presence, connect unlike systems, or develop applications to do tasks that were once done by hand. These are just a few ways your company can benefit from our custom solutions.


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